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RaceCord Bot

RaceCord is a Discord Bot developed as a fun time killer by racing inside Discord. You can play purely for fun or work your way up the global leaderboards!

The Bot Basics

Some of the boring stuff...

  • Slash Commands

    All interactions with this bot are done through Discord's Slash Commands. They are easier to control permissions from inside your Server Settings

    Discord Docs
  • Experienced Developer

    I've made many bots for various projects / teams including all the ones I've made just for fun and am always improving them

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  • Trusted Security

    The minimal data that we hold is held securely in a MongoDB database with very limited access, and also the Bot is hosted on a Secure VPS

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RaceCord is a Public Discord bot

Any server can invite the bot to play and limit their users access to it however they wish.

It was developed for fun but has become a long term project for communities to enjoy and will receive many updates

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RaceCord features

RaceCord has many features but here are some main features of this bot.

  • Race! Publicly race against anybody on your server, just use /race and wait for people join

  • Rankings! Global rankings based on collected Rep and also individual server rankings for wins

  • Choose your vehicle! Select from the provided choices of vehicles to use with /setcar

  • 2x Rep for weekly server winner! Each week a global race takes place behind the scenes and the winning server gets a 2x Rep buff for the week